OMT’s vision is to be a nationally recognized leading parts supplier to the mass transit industry.

The company’s primary goal is to solve the current and future needs of mass transit Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) while providing a dynamic work environment for our employees that implements state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing methods in an effort to deliver price-competitive, high-quality products and value-added services with short lead times and an impeccable on-time delivery performance.


The Quality Policy at Oriskany Manufacturing Technologies strives to provide products that meet or exceed the needs of our customers. To achieve this we have adopted the following principles:

Customers are our primary focus

Improve and innovate continuously

Employee involvement is a way of life

Integrity is never compromised

Communication and teamwork at all levels

Accept individual and corporate responsibility

Never be wasteful with time, equipment, or materials

Always work effectively and efficiently

Management Philosophy

OMT’s skilled and innovative management team  has successfully implemented Lean Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints manufacturing methodologies to establish itself as a highly-efficient, highly-profitable, short lead-time, quick-to-market competitive force.  We have developed a highly-skilled, productive, and efficient workforce through training.

Simply put, OMT is committed to improving product quality and delivery times through workforce training, equipment investment, implementing ISO standards and research and development.


“There’s an affinity for quality here.  When you make a commitment, it’s just second nature to fulfill it”


–Mike Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President

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